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Three Strike Crimes

When you are faced with your third strike, it's important to have a criminal defense attorney who is familiar with which offenses are considered strike offenses and what type of defense can be established to fight your charges.

The California Penal Code describes the nature of a strike offense as violent or serious offense. They can include offenses where there was no physical contact with a victim, such as in a robbery or burglary. You may be charged with a crime previously that was considered a strike offense and not be aware of it.

Because the laws related to strike offenses are so esoteric, they can lead to problems for those individuals who already have at least one previous strike offense. If you have a prior strike offense and are convicted of any kind of felony, your sentence can double. The penalties on sentencing also reduce your being able to get time off your sentence. Being charged with a third strike could lead to jail terms of 25 years to life. As you can see, obtaining the services of Marks & Brooklier to defend you is vital.

Many individuals are surprised to find that they may be facing life in prison after committing a minor crime, even something as small as a petty theft. Because this type of crime falls under the strike laws, regardless of how minor t he crime was, you could end up in prison for the rest of your life. The Law Office of Marks & Brooklier is very familiar with these laws and with their experience they can attempt to get a prior or the existing charges to not count as a strike offense. Just because you have been charged with a third strike does not mean the end of the road for you. We have many resources our legal team can use to provide you with the best defense possible. We recommend you contact our knowledgeable criminal attorney immediately so that we may begin to negotiate your third strike case.

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