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Our criminal defense attorneys understand your rights and can work tirelessly to clear your name.

The laws and procedures in federal court are very different from those in state courts. When facing charges brought by the United States Attorney's Office in federal court, it is essential that the defendant has an attorney with the specific knowledge, skill and experience required to successfully defend a federal case. Whenever possible, early intervention by a highly skilled attorney is a great advantage and will most often positively affect the outcome of the case. In some instances, when a party is not yet charged but is the target of a federal investigation, early representation may result in ending the investigation altogether before charges are even filed. In those cases where a defendant has not had the advantage of early competent legal representation, it is especially important that a highly skilled attorney intervene as soon as possible to obtain the best possible result.

The firm's founder, Donald B. Marks, is widely respected for his exceptional trial skills and aggressive representation in federal criminal cases.

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