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Are You Accused of Forgery? Marks & Brooklier Can Help With An Aggressive Defense Strategy.

In general, forgery is defined as signing a document with someone else's name. However, forgery Charges can take many forms. These charges are serious and can lead to severe consequences if you are arrested or charged. If you or someone you know is facing this situation, contact a Los Angeles Criminal defense lawyer from Marks & Brooklier for exceptional legal representation.

Forgery crimes are specifically noted in California Penal Code sections 470 to 483.5. A forgery offense occurs when you intend fraud in the following manner:

  • Sign a document with a name that is not yours
  • Counterfeit or forge the seal or handwriting of another
  • Alter or falsify a record of a will, codicil, conveyance, or court judgment
  • Falsely make, alter, or offer as authentic and genuine any of the following documents:
    • Check, bond, bank bill or note
    • Trading stamp, power of attorney or certificate of ownership
    • Certificate of any share or interest in stock of any corporation or association
    • Release or discharge of any debt, real or personal
    • Transfer or assurance of money, certificates of stock, goods or any property
    • Letter of attorney, or other power to receive money or to receive or transfer certificates of share of stock or annuities
    • The acknowledgment of any notary public or an acknowledgement of a notary public who issues an acknowledgement knowing it is false
    • Cashier's check, traveler's check or money order
    • Controller's warrant
    • Request for payment of money
    • Bill of exchange, promissory note or assignment of any bond
    • Contract, due bill for payment of money or property receipt for money or property
    • Lottery ticket

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